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*See why our cubic zirconia cz jewelry and synthetic gemstone warranties are second to none, offering you confidence and peace of mind that will surpass your expectations.


*Gloria USA Inc. is so confident about our Australian Cubic Zirconia gems that they are covered by a Guarantee to maintain the original brilliance and luster. They are also guaranteed against cracking or chipping under normal wear. Should your gemstone display any signs of damage, we will provide a replacement Cubic Zirconia gem to the original purchaser. Gloria USA Inc.may replace the gem with the closest color and cut available at the time. Fees for shipping will apply, as well as any additional fees. Original invoice must be presented for guarantee to apply.


Our jewelry is put through rigorous testing that goes above and beyond the industry standard to ensure every piece is nickel-safe. Nickel safe earring studs are made from surgical stainless steel post. Stainless steel is one of the safest materials for women with metal sensitivities.

In most cases this is completely safe for consumers that have any type of allergic reaction to nickel. If you have a nickel allergy, please ask your Advisor for more details.

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